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Asylum Radio

About Us

The idea for Asylum Radio grew out of Rich’s former show on Gamers World Radio, another on-line radio station, where he first began DJ’ing. After leaving GWR, Rich decided to set up his own radio station and Asylum Radio was formed.

Rich began with a successful series of long shows presenting a mix of Rock, Metal, Goth and Britpop. Initially his show The Coven was the only live show on the station, however he was soon joined by husband and wife team Myles and Margaret with their show M ‘n’ M. A short time later Karen graduated from cover show host to regular presenter on the Starlight Lounge. Chris made a similar move from cover DJ to regular with his show The Teddy’s Lair and the original roster was completed by early Alestorm member Doug, with his show The 7th Circle.

The early shows also had another element to them, they were hosted from the Lion’s Arch beach in Arena Net’s Guild Wars, adding a further fun social element to the shows. Many future DJ’s were recruited from this online get together!

Times change and the original line-up started to move on to other things to be replaced by fresh talent. Shows like Bob’s Void; James’ Cookie’s Crumble; Stevil’s Moshpit; Bryn’s Music Box; Pale’s The Crow’s Nest and Dr B and the Hellhound have also enjoyed successful runs on Asylum Radio.

Today’s shows consist of Rich’s flagship show The Coven on Saturday nights and his charts of yesterday show Pick of the Pops on Thursday nights. Hannes presents his rock show Rock the Night on Sundays and Lycia presents Asylum Radio’s classical, world, folk and jazz show Decadence on Friday nights. Jesse sometimes presents his cover show Jesse’s Alternative Madhouse along with our other cover DJ Kris who brings us Detroit Rock City.

We’re always on the look-out for fresh talent, so if you’d like to join us drop us a line to find out how you could become a DJ for Asylum Radio!