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Asylum Radio


The Coven - Hosted by Rich

Rich is based in Derbyshire in the UK. He is the owner of the station and has this to say on his flagship show: "The Coven is the epitome of randomness! Comprising an overview of all genres, including Goth, Industrial, Classic Rock, Metal, Eastern Styles and Alternative, it's time to take a walk on the wild side of music...tune in for some major mish-mash!, Thursdays from 7:30 pm with the 'Classic Chart Show', and Saturdays from 7.00 pm for 'The Coven on Saturday'."

Rock The Night - Hosted by Hannes

"Rock the Night is the show for those who want the weekend to go out with a loud bang! With a mix of rock and metal spanning from the early 60’s to today’s rock, the show offers a variety of tunes for you to take part in and enjoy. Located in Sweden, Hannes offers a great show with the characteristic Swedish accent. Of course, both accent and music come together within 3 hours that you don’t want to miss!"

Opera House - Hosted by Lycia

Based in Derbyshire in the UK Lycia presents Opera House on Friday nights. The show covers Classical and Opera, as well as Jazz, Folk, Film, Musical, Crossover and World Music. Lycia has also done fill in slots featuring more traditional Asylum Radio fare.

Detroit Rock City - Hosted by Kris

Broadcasting from suburban Detroit, in the US, Kris brings her knowledge of the music industry (she has her own band 'Hope Diamond') when other DJ's are off on holiday: "Hang out with me in my family room ... from the heart of deepest, darkest suburban Detroit. I might play your music, I might play mine ... I might grab a guitar and sing something JUST FOR YOU! ... or I might just play "Fish Heads" over and over again for four hours. You just never know with me."

Jesse's Alternative Mad House (JAM) - Hosted by Jesse

Netherlands based DJ Jesse sadly had to retire from regular duties due to college work, but still steps in now and then to help out the station. He says of his show: "JAM is a show for those who love variety, but prefer Aggrotech/EBM/Industrial. But of course you'll also get your proper share of Metal, Rock and the Oldies in between those Goth tracks."